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Specialty Footwear is full service shoe store with over 100 styles available.  We offer many popular brands at "highly competitive prices".  
Our inventory is selected from the highest quality styles available.   

Sizes 5-17 AAA - 2E, 4E and 6E are available in many styles.

"We Fit The Hard To Fit" 

Specialty Footwear is a unique resource for people who require a high level of expertise to achieve comfort and maintain foot health.  As a Board Certified Pedorthist and Custom Shoemaker, the owner Pete Padilla is an expert in the fabrication techniques for custom orthotics and can also modify pre-made insoles to provide affordable customization.  

Custom Orthotics

Specialty Footwear manufactures Custom Orthotics in our own facility.
This enables us to offer a multitude of styles in soft & firm material combinations .
We will design these to function in the shoes you wear.
Athletes, Service Industry and Medical Care Professionals will appreciate the customized comfort and performance of our products.

We provide custom solutions for a wide range of foot problems including those associated with Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes, Arthritis, Hammer toes, Bunions and more.



Our latest additions include Brooks                      

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